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Affetta la frutta, non affettare le bombe - questo è tutto quello che devi sapere per iniziare con la coinvolgente avventura di Fruit Ninja! Sfida te stesso e scopri. Scarica gratis Fruit Ninja. Download rapido e sicuro. Scarica l'ultima versione dei migliori software, giochi, programmi e app del Fruit Ninja è un giochino semplicissimo e divertente per ingannare il tempo giocando con il proprio smartphone. Fruit Ninja è il primissimo gioco per " affettare" e. Fruit Ninja Free, download gratis Android. Fruit Ninja Free Fruit Ninja Free è un gioco di abilità davvero avvincente. Passa il dito sullo Lingua. Italiano.

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Halfbrick Studios. Frutta Ninja gratis è un gioco molto popolare per Android. Sento come un Samurai! Fetta volanti frutta spada affilata, ma cercate di non avere colpito dalle bombe partenze inaspettate. Per questo si prende una vita. In gioco tre, in ognuna delle quali è possibile migliorare la propria spada Samurai.

Bouncing clouds to never drop a fruit? Swirling tornados for epic combos? Mix and match your gear, experiment with all the powers and find what works for you! Joining the action are new characters from the amazing world of Fruitasia.

Katsuro and Mari will guide you during the game as you grow from a novice fruit bruiser to all-out slicing machine! From there, explore the nuances of Classic, Zen and the fan favorite Arcade mode to expand your skills.

Fruit Ninja

Slice for a high score, use powerups and special bananas to maximum effect, and go crazy on the multi-slice Pomegranate. The look and feel of Fruit Ninja is excellent. From the realistic splat of pineapples being hacked, open to the fact that all menu icons must be selected by slicing them, the attention to detail in Fruit Ninja is something to behold. The serene background music fits very well with the theme, too.


Fruit Ninja is one of those games that feels super rewarding to play. The feeling of slicing fruit is so satisfying that it keeps you coming back for more and more in an effort to beat your high score.

How to play: 1. Just match three or more same identical fruits to score points. Let the fruits star down to last line in the screen to pass the level.

Eliminate the more fruits quickly can get extra scores Some Problems you need to know. Close the Game Application and ensure it isn't running in the background 2. Repeat step 1 with all other apps that are currently open 3.

Make sure you have plenty of storage space on your device 4. Cycle the power on your device turn it off and on again 5.

Launch the Game Application without any other apps running Reinstalling the game is also a great way to resolve any underlying issues but should only be done as a last resort. Scarica APK Altro dallo Halfbrick Studios.

Fruit Ninja Android

Tales of Wind 2. Realizza combo e colpi speciali per lasciare tutti a bocca aperta. Windows Giochi Casual game Fruit Ninja 2. Alessandro Elia. Lingue soft.

Ruota della Fortuna (Italiano)

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