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Manawatu Historic
Vehicle Collection



The first three collections are closed groups of records with an established provenance.  They are stored in their distinct groups with each box numbered and labelled with a description of the contents.  Volunteers are steadily working on entering all the information of the collections' contents into FDCA's PastPerfect computer system - but the material is identifiable and accessible meantime.

Feilding Library Collection

This group of nearly fifty boxes of archival papers, over 230 framed photographs, and eight boxes of historical objects and ephemera is the result of the 1974 Centennial Celebrations.  A museum display of the early settlers to the Feilding area was organised at that time. 

The Coach House Collection

Many documents have been accumulated by the Trust Board that manages the Coach House Museum, including the records of the working party that formed the museum and its history. 

Manawatu District Council Collections

This is the largest collection and is boxed in over 400 containers.  There are defunct club and society papers, business records, school papers, old electoral rolls etc. 

FDCA Archive

This fourth collection is the FDCA's own collection. As each item is accepted, it is accessioned into the database then housed in appropriate containers, boxed and shelved according to accepted archival practice.  This collection focuses on people, places, events, businesses and organisations. 

Feilding Herald Collection

And we are thinking ahead …..  

Today’s genealogists find local newspapers of the past a great source of information - photographs and local interest stories of individuals and their families. So FDCA is working on providing a similar resource for today’s children when in years to come they are tomorrow’s genealogy researchers.  Issues of the Feilding Herald are being stored, with headlines of stories which focus on local people, local businesses and local events recorded in our electronic database.

Current Project - Manchester Block 140 Anniversary of Settlement

Feilding & Districts Community Archive acknowledges this important historical milestone by inviting people to contribute with filling in either the ‘Pioneer Family’ form, or the ‘Present Day Family’ form.   The gathered information will be a research resource for future generations stored at Feilding & Districts Community Archive for people to access. Forms are available using the links below.

        Pioneer Family Register

        Family Registers

The completed forms should be returned to the FDCA, Coach House Museum, 121 South Street, Feilding.