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Collections from the following sources are held at the Feilding Archives:  if you see something of interest, please come and visit us on a Thursday, between 10am - 4pm, and we'll be happy to show you the items that interest you.

  Country Women's Institute

  Framed Photographs Inventory


Large and/or frame items stored in outsized racks, much of which originated with
the Manawatu District Council.

  Manawatu District Council Archives, No 1

  Manawatu District Council Archives, No 2


Club, Society and School records previously held by the
Manawatu District Council.

  Feilding Public Library Collection


Community records previously held by the Feilding Public Library

  FDCA Collection, 2009

  FDCA Collection, 2010

  FDCA Collection, 2011

  FDCA Collection, 2012

  FDCA Collection 2013, Part 1

  FDCA Collection 2013, Part 2

  FDCA Collection 2014

  FDCA Collection 2015

FDCA Collection 2016

FDCA Collection 2017

  FDCA Library List as at December 2017


All items donated to FDCA since its formation.

FDCA Collection 2018


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Colonel William Feilding